Jekashi's 5 Steps to Telling If Someone's Trying to Sell You Something

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    Jul 9, 2009
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    In light of the recent bumps to old threads and non-bump-worthy threads all around, I felt I needed to write this. This is my guide, where I'll show you, a PHENOMENAL way to tell if someone is trying to sell you something in a thread that can be applied ANY WAY to your profit.

    1. Does the post sound "salesy?" I promise I'm not trying to sell you anything, but for a simple monthly payment of $1 the first month and $64.95 the following months, I can give you a subscription on how to sell my product. I would take advantage of this offer before it expires. Seriously, I'd put a timer here if I could.

    2. Didn't you see that? There we four separate replies of interest. Yeah, so what? They were by member with less than 5 posts each... I told you that I was targeting people who were unsuccessful and giving you a PHENOMENAL method that some guy used to make money. Wait, what do you mean how'd he do it? Well, he sold his method to other people. What was his method? I told you, he was selling his method to sell his method to other people. And you can do that too. Well, no. You probably won't earn $20k in a week, but... You're a PHENOMENAL salesman!

    3. Look, I can't post the link in this thread because it's against the rules. I don't want to break the rules. I know, I'm circumventing selling my product in the Buy/Sell/Trade forums. I know, I'm going to give you an affiliate link and hope you buy my product. And I swear that I didn't get this idea from another internet forum that doesn't deal in Blackhat methods. What do you mean, "why am I posting this here?" It's because you're PHENOMENAL salespeople! All of you! Even those of you that I originally targeted in my thread as "bad at making money!" You're PHENOMENAL!

    4. What do you mean that you found a dozen posts by me when you googled my username? So what? Er.. Wait, you mean they say the same thing? That's just a coincidence. Wait, you found my video too? Er.. You weren't supposed to find that. But good job! What do you mean, "It's just a watermarked video from someone's product?" I made that. I uploaded it under my username! I just wanted to show it to you because you're PHENOMENAL!

    5. BANNED

    I hope you enjoyed this post. :D I had a little bit of fun writing it, albeit I lost steam around step 4 because I have a terrible habit of editing as I write.

    Oh, did I say you're PHENOMENAL today?