Jeff Walker Explains The Internet Marketing Orgasm!

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    Turn your long sales letter sideways, start at it's beginning and you
    get a suspense filled product launch (some say frauduct launch).

    It's all the rage.

    Pick Up Artist Gambler cleans up with these! Turn old material into "I want that shit yesterday!!!"
    Tony Robbins uses it to get people physically and literally addicted to him.
    Better not talk about how its used in politics, but it is..

    It becomes predictable after repeated use and products that are the same old thing or much worse.
    Nice of Jeff and others to confirm how it works in public. Its based on powerful, simplified Ericksonian hypnosis. Very interesting if its used legitimately.
    Legitimately meaning leaving the prospect better off than when you met them.
    Hollywood has been using "pre-heat" for years.
    In the wrong hands its deadly.