Javascript Hacker Required for Project Similar to LikeJacker

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    Aug 7, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    < First of all, apologies if this posted in the wrong area >

    This is NOT a money project idea, but a hobby of mine -> running a House Music record label in an incredibly saturated and competitive market.

    I'm trying to get our releases into the BEATPORT Top 100. Our music is more than good enough, please don't question this.

    To break the Top 10 of the Beatport charts, you only need around 500 sales, but the charts are incredibly niche, and incredibly saturated, like loads of farts in a jacuzzi.

    I'm looking for a JS developer that can put something together for a website which will:

    1) Test whether the user is 'logged in' to Beatport
    2) Follow a given artist, or record label, hard coded

    That's all there is to it! No need for fancy WP plugins, this is not a scalable product.

    My aim is to stick this bit of JS on a web2.0 or other piece of shit domain that will be set up as click bait for DJs to click on when I rape Twitter / Facebook / Instagram with my shady tools :D

    Thanks in advance guys,