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Feb 16, 2014
The saying goes: “There is no I in TEAM!”

That's true.

But when your “team” consists of outsourced “native” writers who can barely construct a sentence, and who plagiarise or spin to churn out the work at a stupidly low price, then that's a “team” which is not worth wasting your money on.

That's why there is only an “I” in my team.


That's it.

Which is why you are guaranteed high quality writing from a natural English speaker.

My name is Jay. I live in the UK and have five years experience as a full-time freelance writer. On top of that, I have been making money online using some of the most popular methods for more than a decade.

So I am well-placed to understand EXACTLY what it is you are trying to achieve, and to create the content that will help to reach your goals.

Looking For A Reliable Writer?

If you have ordered from writers before you will know how tough it is to find one who is reliable. Interested. Engaged.

A writer who works with you to achieve your goals. Not one who churns out almost unreadable crap and doesn't care.

I know how annoying that can be, which is why I work hard to communicate and build relationships. I also work hard to build trust, which brings me a high percentage of repeat business.

So if you're looking for someone you can call on to say “Hey, I have this new project to get up and running and I need some great content.” then I'm your guy.

So....What's The Price?

If you're looking to fill your site or blog with content which is so poor that anyone with half a brain will refuse to read it, then I'm afraid that you don't understand the first benefit of great content, so click away now.

If you don't care that Google's real-time Panda algorithm will spot your content as low quality crap not worth serving up to a dog, then you won't understand the second benefit of buying high-quality, enticing, engaging content.

There are a hundred “native” services on here who will happily spew out that crap for you at $2, $3 or $5 per 500 words.

As with everything in life you get what you pay for....

This BHW listing is advertising my Standard quality writing service.

PRICE: $10 per 500 words (Includes 1 edit/revision if required)

My standard quality writing service covers things like blog posts, general website content and ebooks.

For high-quality jobs requiring exceptional writing (such as homepages, landing pages or press releases), or non-standard content jobs (such as reviews or social media content), please see my website for more details or contact me to discuss.

Want Some Examples?

You can view some pdf examples of my writing here and here, and download my writing brochure which contains links to live examples of my work for clients here.

How Do I Order?

Unlike a lot of the writing services on BHW, to reassure you of the quality and trust of my business I have an actual website, rather than a random email or skype address to order from.

You can order through the shopping cart on the sales page. Your order progress will be updated onsite and automatically sent to you via email, so that you know when your job has been started and is on its way.

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Thread approved.

Seller provided 3 articles for the review, all of which were really well written, I'm impressed.

They showed a good level of research, they flowed very well and the TAT was just 2 working days.

Great service.

Any review copies?

There are no review copies.

****However I am offering 25% discount codes to the first 10 people who request them***

What are your turnaround times?

I can usually deliver first drafts within 3-5 days. But if my work queue is long, or your order arrives during a weekend/holiday then it may take longer (I'll email and tell you). You will always know when your order has been started because you will receive an email saying that your order is in progress.

Can I chat to you on Skype?

No. Sorry but I have found that chat conversations burn valuable time and often don't go anywhere different than a simple email and reply would. The order form on my website allows you to enter all the details I need to get you job started, and if I require more details I'll ask.

Are there any discounts for a big order?

No. A larger order doesn't mean I can work for less money, as I could just do smaller orders instead and earn more! So my rates are the same regardless of the size of your order.

What sort of writing can you do for me?

Any writing you want. If it's standard writing such as blog content, or standard website pages, then use the options on the order page. If it's more specialist writing, such as reviews or social media content then please contact me to discuss.

Do you do “SEO” Writing

All my writing is SEO-focused writing because you will supply a main keyword and 2-3 related terms with your order (if you don't then I will assume SEO is not a concern for that job). I will then research those keywords to understand the context of them, and then weave them into the content in a NATURAL way. I am fully conversant with LSI and searcher intent, and I don't do “Use this keyword 6 times” instructions. That's nonsense so please don't ask.

Do you do re-writes?

No, I only do original work. Yes you can send me a link and say “base it on that” but I won't just rewrite it.
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just saw you are not offering any review copies.
I will try your service if got any good money site project. Good luck with sales. :)
Interested in the discounted review copy. Let me know the coupon code and your Skype for discussion.

Good Luck with your sales.
Hey, can I get samples,the discount code and your rate for reviews please? Thanks!
Order placed to test your service. Looking for long time writer.
My order id: #104

Ordered a 1000 word article for my niche for a blog post. It was delivered within 2 days and is of such high quality it did not require sending back for any edits.

The topic was understood, researched and the writing is exceptional, very easy to read and very conversational in style.

Seems very nice, can't wait to join the crowd :)
Could you procure more samples of the 'Standard Quality' package?
Seems very nice, can't wait to join the crowd :)
Could you procure more samples of the 'Standard Quality' package?

Hi - several samples linked to and the brochure link contains links to live examples.

I'm good. Anyone can produce sample work. Test me with an order - I've PM'd a discount code to you.
Sent you a message through your contact form.
Let me know if you got it


HI, I just wanted to vouch for Jay's exceptional quality writing.

Place my order yesterday for a blog post in a tricky niche.
Communication was flawless and he really went above and beyond to deliver exactly what I was looking for.
TAT was less than 24 hours.

I just wish I found him earlier. I wasted thousands of $$ on mediocre content written by "native" speakers.

Just go ahead and place your order. You won't regret it.
Hi there,

I would like to discuss some details with you before ordering.
Please PM me your skype ID

Got my order yesterday (TAT 24 hours). I am very happy with the results.
  • Jason did everything what I asked for.
  • I got even fast revision for free.
  • Communication was flawless.

Thank you!
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