Jarvee YouTube PRO - the bot to automate your YouTube marketing

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For the review, I asked the seller to provide me with their Regular package so that I could test their software. The details of my review are below.

Service Information
  • As with all software sales threads, I virus scanned the files and they came up clean.
  • I found the Jarvee help pages useful while I was using the software. They're located on most of the software's tabs as "How it works" buttons.
  • As for the software functionality itself, I started off by adding a YouTube account and a proxy to the software, which registered as "Valid" once it was successful.
  • Once the account was added, I tested the tools themselves using the YouTube account I added. For the sources, I used a YouTube channel I had access to in order to determine whether or not the followers, likes, dislikes, etc were coming through. I set the run timers to the lowest settings I could in order to make this faster (speaking of which, you can set timers and limits for quite a lot of the tools in this software). Everything came through successfully and I had no issues using the software.
  • The seller's customer support was great. I did need help using the software at one point, and the seller had no problem figuring out what I was doing wrong and sent me a screenshot showing how to do it right.
Additional Information
  • Due to time constraints, I was mostly testing the software's functionality.
For Buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

For Buyers Regarding Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.
Thank you for approval and honest review @Zwielicht

We're offering 15 review copies to BHW members with 100+ posts. You'll receive 1 month Regular plan (30 YT accounts).
All you have to do is post in the thread that you want review copy and leave your honest review after you tested the software.

Good luck!
The auto comments, is it like when i put a keyword, every new videos in youtube, he do a comment in that?

How about channels?
Can I determine channels that when they post a video, i comment immediately?

- count me in review copy
Is this connected to Jarvee or is this a seperate YouTube software ?

If it's seperate, I'd like a trial / review copy please. I use jarvee daily
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