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First things first, I've been using Jarvee for Twitter for 90 days now and I'm very impressed. Growing two accounts (one young and one aged) nicely. The best thing about using Jarvee over buying followers is you pass TwitterAudits with flying colors

Does anyone have a list of high follow-back users on Twitter?
Jarvee allows you to import a list of members for Jarvee to autofollow - I'd be interesting in buying some high ratio lists.
Is there going to be any discount offer or lower price program for larger numbers of accounts?
Im testing this app, but seems to me like it's leaking trails behind. First had bad experience with around 10 reddit accounts, tried by importing cookies, tried new accounts, around 1 hour active testing as I couldn't figure out why when I click validate account I get bad credentials, but when I check account I see that it works and I saw the shadowban check from Jarvee which also showed up on incognito so there must be a problem with the app. And then I got to temp-mail.org URL and I noticed I'm auto blocked there?! How, I used residential proxy, all new settings?! temp-mail.org should not be able to auto block every new window from Jarvee using reidential proxies, at least this was my experience. But ofc this is why trials are for so no bad feelings, but I hope you guys fix this If I got it right.
Not open for further replies.
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