Japanese and South Korean Marketing Pro's Needed

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    Im looking to market my friends fishing resort to the Japanese and South Korean market.

    You would be required to create and market a domain that would be owned by me. The design and text content would need to be written by you. We can provide lots of pictures and videos to be used for the site and marketing.

    After the site is completed, you would need to market it via SEO, Social Media, Emails and any other method you can come up with.

    You will receive 10% of the final price of the booking for fishing on the lake.

    To give you an idea of potential earnings, a group of 6 fishermen that stay for a week will spend on average $6000, of which you will get $600.

    There is a big market for fishing holidays in Japan and South Korea, the potential for you to make a great income is very high.

    Please dont waste my time and yours if you are not willing to follow this thing through to the end.
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