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    [email protected] post title I know but hey! This is a silly n00b question, but I recently bought Pauls backlink package to give it a try out - hey its only 8 bucks or so. Of course, pretty soon I find out that most of the sites have shut off code, stopped new signups or changed to nofollow etc. This got me thinking though (that hurt!) does Google remove these backlinks after you have them if the site owners take action to stop spammers (oops i mean link builders :)) or is it a case of 'once credited' then they stay forever, even if the site then goes nofollow. The same would apply to sites that shut down, do you retain their link love?

    Thanks to all the experts in advance

    [​IMG] PR: wait...[​IMG] I: wait...[​IMG] L: wait...[​IMG] LD: wait...[​IMG] I: wait...wait...[​IMG] Rank: wait...[​IMG] Traffic: wait...[​IMG] Price: wait...[​IMG] C: wait...
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    this is why we need to build more and more backlinks every day and forever lol