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    Hello BHW,

    I have been lurking these forums for a few weeks now and thought it was about time for me to introduce myself. I am new to SEO and have found the information in this forum inspirational to say the least. My motivation to get back into e-business has been reborn after almost 4 years of inactivity.

    From 2003? 2006 I ran a successful mail-friendly-mortgage-lead CPA network. However after a combination of nonpaying clients and renting a room to someone who decided to rob me blind, I found myself returning to the world of the 9?5 wage slave. :pcguru:

    From 2006?Present, I have been doing layout design for scientific reports and books.

    In any case I am motivated to get something going again and have been very impressed with helpful nature of the people in this community and I look forward to working with some of you once I get myself established. I still have not settled on a niche and am definitely open to suggestions. Autoblogging is the primary area of SEO I am looking into right now, however, I am starting to think that I need to run through some of the white hat fundamentals before I jump in headfirst. I also plan on getting back into mailing once I can afford everything needed to do so successfully.

    See you around,