I've seen a lot of questions about this, Re watchRANDOMonline.com

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    Ive seen many people asking about the legality and ramifications of hosting the watchXXXXonline.com kinds of sites

    Let me clear this up for many of you so you don't fall into the same hole that I see a lot of people falling into. I'm a admin for a fairly big webhost . On an average day we get over 100 DMCA take down notices. Of those I would say 70% are for the CPA watchXXXXmovieonline.com normally the take down notice is enough to scare the person into taking it down. If they don't 72 hours later we as the host are served a subpoena for the site owners information from the law firm that issued the DMCA notice, at this point we must hand over all of the info thats been requested about you or else we are guilty of violating (OCILLA) also known as safe harbor.

    Now I've seen people stating that the MPAA is only going after the big sites. Let me make this REALLY CLEAR. (THEY ARE NOT). At one time yes the MPAA and RIAA would target just the big boys and hope that the small guys would be scared off by a trickle down effect. They have now realized that this does not work and rather then spend money to fight the big guys in court, they are concentrating on the small guys who don't have the funds to fight them and will automatically fold their hand packup and go home. There has also been talks about the MPAA specifically targeting the CPA networks because they are providing a financial benefit for the people who run these watchXXXXonline.com sites, so be expecting in the future for CPA networks to crack down in a big way on anyone using this method.

    One other point, Ive heard people say that "it's ok because I'm not hosting it on the server I just created a site that links to the movie" This is a very very fine line on if it is legal or not. If you are with a host and you are paying them upwards of $1500 a month for numerous servers they will defend you and work with you to try to keep your business. Alternatively if you are with a host that charges you $7 a month, the second they see that DMCA take down request you as a client become a liability and the possibility of legal action, subpoenas and everything else that goes with a DMCA violation outweighs your $7 a month. So either expect to have services terminated or from that point on an eagle eye will be trained on you from the webhosts abuse department, One of the two.

    I'm telling you this because if you guys understand the internal procedures, you SHOULD be able to get around them .
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    The MPAA and the rest, are getting pretty heavy lately, they just done that massive takedown operation on 9 of the biggest movie sites, luckily I sold mine ages ago :D