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I've posted a comment on a blog with my link on it and I now think its autospamming?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DevilHands, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. DevilHands

    DevilHands Junior Member

    Dec 8, 2015
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    Hi guys, so I manage to find a blog with a do follow link for its comment section. The content is actually pretty good but when I saw the comments I could see its been spammed to death for backlink creation and for some reason the admin is not deleting them.

    This being my first time to build backlinks, I decided to put a witty comment with my own link. I don't plan to spam just like what others are doing.

    While checking at ahrefs for the first day, I was like "Wow cool it now says I have 1 backlink and 1 referring domain". The problem is I check again the next day and it says I have 2 backlink and 1 ref domain... this is the 4th day and it now says I have 4 backlink with 1 referring domain. It seems like 1 backlink is added every single day for the same anchor text.

    What I found was the domain keeps duplication itself... for example originally I posted a comment on www.happyfriends.com. What will happen on the next day is that I will have a backlink from aaa.happyfriends.com and www.happyfriends.com. Then the next day I will have a backlink from ddd.happyfriends.com, aaa.happyfriends.com and www.happyfriends.com.

    Do you guys know what is happening? Will it stop eventually? I fear that it might keep on adding every single day and my site will be penalized.

    P.S. The domain is not happyfriends, it was just an example.
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