I've got a Real Estate and Stock Investing Affiliate Program

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    Hey everyone, not sure if this is the exact section, but it'll probably be the closest. We sell 2 different products,
    1.) Real Estate Investing - Short Sales
    2.) Option Investing

    Since we own these products, we're able to pay out a pretty good amount to you guys because we make money on the backend of the sale.

    We've never used a true affiliate program before because we have never really needed to. The products are an actual book shipment with DVD's and CD's, so there's no digital downloads. We have our in-house shipping center ship the products out to the customers.

    What i wanted to do is see if anyone would be interested in promoting these two products. Since I don't want the actual names of the products floating over the board, please PM me and I'll send you the links to the landing pages for both products.

    Here's the skinny on the two offers.

    Offer #1 - Real Estate Investing - Short Sales

    Cost to Customer upfront - $47, includes free shipping. We'll pay you out $40 per sale that comes in. US orders only - the product doesn't work out of the US.

    Offer #2 - Option Investing

    Cost to Customer upfront - Only $7 to cover shipping cost, then we charge them $49.95 at the end of 30 days. We'll pay you out $30 per sale on this one. The payout on this one is a little lower than the other because we're having to take into consideration the people who cancel within 30 days and also the people who's cards don't actually go through at that time as well.

    Both of these offers have great conversion. We've found success with a lot of email publishers, banners, and PPC advertising.

    I can also pay you out weekly as well, so you don't have to sit around and wait for that net 30 crap.

    Any questions at all, just message me and I'll be able to explain a little further. If any of the mods need more in-depth information from me before hand, feel free to message me with the information you need.