I've Got 400 do-follow Sites all PR 1-6...but I've Got a Question, Can You Help?


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Nov 9, 2009
Alright, so I went and put together (well, made a bot that did it for me rather) a list of sites that are all PR 1-6, I can leave my link on all of them and they are all do-follow.

That list is 650 sites long, but there is a problem/question I have that I don't really know the answer to.

Of those 650 sites, about 350 of them are all on the same sub-domain. Think of it like this:

blog1.wordpress.com - PR 6
blog2.wordpress.com - PR 5

(they aren't actually wordpress sites, but they are something like that)

I already made a bot that leaves my link on all of them (and if they remove it/it doesn't show up, then it does it again), but here is my question:

How valuable are links that are all coming from the same sub-domain? Is it like having 350 backlinks that only count as 1? Is it like having 350 different backlinks? Is it worth it to have 350 backlinks from one domain but different subs?

I know that they are all going to be coming from the same IP address, but since there are different sub-domains, is it worth me doing this?
As long as the link only appear once every sub domain it is okay. Having link on a sub domain example: a link that came from "blog1.wordpress.com , blog2.wordpress.com ..etc" may also get a lot of juice from the main domain if it has a good PR page and less OBL. But it is also a good method for ranking a certain keyword. That would get you on the 1st page of Big G's Serps page. The more the anchor text linking to your website with a do follow tag the more it is a good source of traffic. Hope this helps. Cheers.....
I know of at least 2 sites which have plenty of quality back links from sub domains (and also main domains) and their inner pages of 4 to 5 other sites (I suspect all those other sites also belong to the owner of the above 2 sites). All these anchor-texted back links originating from the other 4-5 sites have good PR (PR 2 to 5) in same niche.

The anchors are also top-quality keywords. The 2 sites have some great keywords and they (those KWs) ALL have captured the first serps chiefly due to their linking strategies.

The whole system created by the owner of those 2 sites was revealed to me by sheer luck. I then did a quick study of those sites and almost got a step-by-step approach to their way to top.

The 2 sites have jumped to 1st SERPs chiefly due to these back links in an extremely high-quality niche. I am thinking of emulating (read: copying) those 2 sites in near future, God Willing.


I had only read about the success of such linking strategies before, but I actually saw practical top-quality results when I stumbled on those 2 sites. The niche is absolutely top-class too, and that niche is absolutely vital and actually real-money-saver to almost any online business -- can't reveal more than this information! I can just imagine the business these sites are creating for the owner, and they will keep making tons of money for the owner for a long time.

And no, I'm not going to make a book out of this! May be, the moral is: The real money-making strategies are never made public, they must be found out by luck + hard work + etc. etc. etc. ...

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Every backlink target does count, it doesn't matter where the links came from (subdomains on the same domain, the same IPs, different IPs).
For me, the key is that when the links showed up as our site backlinks, then they become valuable link sources.
Of course you would benefit from those links but as from my knowledge G also looks a lot on ip diversity. So if these are all subdomains that means that they are on the same ip which will diminish the effects of these backlinks.
Alright, based on all the excellent advice/insight offered above (thanks by the way!) I'm going to move forward. I just found another 520 sites that aren't sub-domains of a main domain. They are simply top level domains.

So, add that to what I started with and here is how it all pans out:

820 Top Level Domains (pr 1 through 6)
350 subdomains of top level domains (pr 1 through 7)

Start building those backlinks for me bot!
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