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    I'm sure some people here also do real biz, like sites which are long-term and have the potential to earn money, not just MFA ;) hope it gives you some hints

    For ours (http://feefighters.com), which is b2b app, we have a 6 pronged attack which works pretty well:
    1) SEO - people find us when they search for credit card processing and lots of long tail keywords. This is a long term thing but completely worth it. Make sure all of your pages are optimized for SEO.
    2) SEM - we were buying keywords on google/bing/yahoo. Facebook has been less effective for us since we're b2b (but we tried it).
    3) We get media coverage. We hustle and email and tweet a lot of reporters, etc, try to get interviews. Try to help them out all the time, refer friends businesses, etc. It works (http://feefighters.com/press - page not quite up to date). We paid a PR firm $5,000 a month. It didn't work.
    4) We try to write interesting content on our blog/twitter (http://feefighters.com/blog). People link to it and we have a lot of subscribers who have nothing to do with our main business, but they tell their friends. We also do infographics. I personally think they are sort of played out (it was cool when you saw a link to one every few days but now they are everywhere), but they can still work WHEN THEY ARE GOOD and actually explain something well. We have some good ones and some that we aren't proud of: http://feefighters.com/blog/infographics/ - good: tech bubble... bad: restaurant one
    5) Business Development - make deals with people in a similar space to sell your app
    6) We let anyone refer their friends to FeeFighters and get paid $25 for it: https://feefighters.com/signup-or-login-to-refer-your-friend... It works... people want to refer us anyway, but this gives them an added incentive that makes sense to us financially. We use Amazon.com giftcards because they are the closest thing to cash we can think of that allows us to purchase it on our credit card and send via email to anyone - PayPal is annoying.
    These things obviously work better for a particular type of app (one that is the sole focus of your time and makes you money), but some of these things are pretty universal.​

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