I've decided to sell one of my Semi-Authority Site what would it be the right price..?

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    I have a site, well it is not a big authority site but is kind of sites which is ranking on top 10-20 for almost 20 keywords (Each keywords more than 3000-30000 exact Searches.)

    I want to be total honest with all the process and things that happened on this site.

    The site is PR3 and has a quite inner pages with a PR1-3.
    The main keyword is ranked in 6-th position right now.
    Main keyword according to google keyword tool has 6600 Exact Searches and a CPC 6.1$

    Other keywords are ranked somewhere 6-20
    I tried adsense and just with the main keyword when i was on the 4-th ranking position was making 2-3 paunds per day. Than i didn't update my site for a month and it went again to the 6-th position which is a stable position for 4-5 months.
    Now i get 1000-1200 visitors per month (Unique)
    Page views 2700-3500 (Per month)
    Bounce Rate 40-50%
    Time spent on site (1.50 -4.00 minutes)
    Visitors are 90% from google, others come from directly typing the website.

    Other keywords are still on the same position but not bringing any traffic. Maybe just small traffic.

    But remember, i never worked on those keywords, just by working a little i'm sure that they can be ranked easily.

    There are about 15-20 Unique and Quality articles on the site.
    Articles are not just 500 word articles. They are all optimized and have more than 700 words. Most of the articles have 1000-1500 words.

    Also remember it is on top 100 (Somewhere 70-80) for a 368.000 exact search keyword and a cpc of 3$+.
    The website has a PR3 on the home page and a lot of other inner pages have a good PR1-3.

    I know that here are some great flippers and i wanted to get their thoughts on what price to sell this site on flippa. As i know it is a very promising site which can be very profitable.

    Why i'm selling..?
    Because i lost the interest about this site.

    Anyone has any other better idea than selling..?
    Would anyone help me sell this site..?
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    How much ad revenue is it generating monthly?