I've been outsourcing backlinks for 2 weeks now... Question


Dec 24, 2008

I've outsourced Angelas backlinks for 2 weeks now and although I'm not expecting any change just yet, the backlinks aren't showing in google. Does this mean they are not being indexed?

I mean, my site has been sandboxed for about 3 weeks now, but I've outsourced roughly 300 high pr backlinks, I really hope there is some changes.
100 backlinks/per week is far too many to look legit after being sandboxed, I'd do 5ish per day. Ping the website to Google for it to be indexed.
Give it another week or so. From what I hear it can take around 2 weeks to index a backlink.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I think pinging is a good idea, I'm gonna do that now.

I guess have to be conscious about how many I'm building a day too.
I tried to send you a PM but your box is full


May I ask who you are having do your backlinks and what they are currently charging?

I may need some done as well.

Sorry I'm not gonna reveal specific individuals, but this is what I did.

Just posted a job on Odesk, and then went for the lowest price, which was 1.11 an hour, and thats it. WIth Odesk, you can monitor their progress, so for me it seems to be working well.

No big secret, but it's what I have done, I'd recommend it, hope that helps.
Links sometimes take one month to appear in Google results especially for a new website with 0 pr.

So keep patience.

Don't do more than 5 to 7 per day otherwise you may face a penalty in ranking for spamming from Google.
if you're talking about the links being listed in g00gle eg link:yourdomain, then you most likely wont see the links, as that method rarely shows the real deal. if you're talking about the links in your webmaster account, it could take up to 1 month, and many wont be seen. But you will see an increase in ranking regardless.
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