I've been on here 7 years- Let me introduce myself....

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    Like the title says, I registered in 2007. Since then I have read literally thousands of posts, all kinds of ways to make money online. Do you know how much I have made in that time??? Absolutely nothing. Do you know how many times in that 7 years I took action? Not a single time..... Well, this is the year that I get off my ass and make something happen!!!
    Recently I moved my family out to the middle of nowhere (hour from any real town), I have been a screen printer for the last 25+ years. I moved my entire shop from the west coast to the east coast. So now I am in the middle of nowhere with no real customer base, so I need to find a way to make it work online. I am a contract printer (meaning I don't sell my own designs, I just print what the customer wants). So hopefully I will be a bit more vocal on this site and some of you folks could give me some suggestions on how to turn this business around.
    I was thinking that something like t-spring would be a good idea... find a design that sells well then cut out t-spring entirely and print the design myself for all of the profit... or find somebody that is already doing good on t-spring and print for them.. Just one thought. If anyone has other ideas please feel free to share them.
    Anyways... I ramble.

    Greetings black hat world! I have arrived!

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    if only I knew about bhw back in 2007 I would be extremely rich by now ^^ those hack forums wasted my time back then