I've been doing "fake it til you make it" too enthusiastically... help I need leads ;)

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    LOL, it's not quite as bad as that... actually, no, it is...

    (deep breath)

    I need to generate a couple of hundred investment leads. Just 200 of them... I have maybe 2 months to do it in, so - that should be dead easy, no?

    Problem is - they need to be LEADS. They need to be:
    people who actually exist - AND
    people who actually have real money that actually exists in real life (not just in their heads) in their bank accounts - AND
    people who would be open to being contacted about an investment... AND
    I'd need their email address, phone number and real name.

    And when I call them I don't need
    I don't remember asking for this information (hangs up)
    I don't have any money (hangs up)
    beeeee (non-existent number)


    I'm going to build an autoresponder email newsletter thing to send out emails every few days, all about the industry and pros and cons and so on - something very neutral and non-biased
    I'm going to build a website all about the same info
    I'm going to try some lead capture / landing page lead generation and throw a little bit of money at Google Ads.
    I'm going to try to get a shortcut way of communicating with networks of investors as a trusted party which I'm hoping will yield results.
    I'm going to buy some leads.

    Can anyone recommend a generator of fresh finance leads? They need to be English-speaking, non-US, non-Canada, preferrably UK, or Europe, Far East, Africa...

    Beyond that... does anyone have any tips or bright ideas?