I've been an affiliate for over 6 years now

I believe your problem is that you never made big success with affiliate marketing. Just average and maybe it was enough to keep you going, but never to actually pursue anything else. If you made millions, you'd do whatever you like and you'd give a shit about anything else...

Focus on your mindset... ;)

And utilize affiliate marketing as a merchant, not only as affiliate... ;)
Wow, really inspirational thread that opened my eyes about more than a couple things. I ve never even read about affiliate marketing, heard abt it before obviously, but never took interest into learning it.

I think it would be amazing if more people with such experience in any field would share such insights. More like the thoughts and feelings towards the work and not really how the industry works and such, that's whats different. More of like the hidden truths lets say

Would love to make such a post myself when I feel like I am in the right position to do so
i want to know how much money you make every month,and is it a good time to join affiliate marketing?
Thanks for sharing. I'm a jr developer from Brazil thinking about starting an affiliate project. I've heard that here we have less competition
Let me know what is your normal method to promote afiiliate products? I tried in past affiliate promotion but give up after some time as the results was not good
When it comes to picking your career all you have to know is, pick your poison and drink it.
i had signed up for amazon affliate, never got any sales and account for disabled. Is there any affiliate, where your account won't get disabled for not having sales, so i can earn in long term?
Are these payout rates normal for Tier 1 traffic for Smartlink - Push campaign? Or should I change the network?

Hello, I've been away from this forum for a while, but somehow keep coming back. I don't know what's the point of this thread, but I just want to share what's on my mind.

My main source of income has been affiliate marketing for over 6 years now. It's crazy to say that as I still feel as fresh as when I started. I never wanted to be a marketer and I never believed I could make any money on the internet, so I tried for the sake of it.

The moment I made my first $1 online, I felt like a fire started inside me motivating to keep going. It was more and more encouraging after every dollar I made. To tell the truth, the first half of the year I didn't make much more than $2, but that was enough for me, because now I knew it was possible. So I kept going, was persistent and determined to reach for more.

Back then I would probably kill to be in a position I am in now, but to be fair I hate it. I never liked affiliate marketing and I still don't like it now. I hate how shady and scammy most offers are. I hate how unstable the whole market is. I hate how difficult it can be to communicate. I think my dream job is to be a programmer, but I can't compete in the freelance market with my lackluster skills and there is no way I can go back to a 9-5 job after working for myself for so long now. So now I'm stuck being an affiliate marketer. It's funny how so many people fail to become one after trying for years and I am here trying to run away.

It's not all bad though, I love the freedom that comes with it. I can schedule my day as I wish, go to the gym when its empty, meet my uneployed friends or just play video games all morning. I am also able to frequently travel and work from wherever, all I need is my laptop. I cannot imagine having to work for someone and be restricted on how to manage your time. The work hours as an affiliate are unpredictable, some days I work for 12 hours without a break and sometimes it's enough to get on my phone for 30 min.

I don't regret starting affiliate marketing, but it's not as glamorous as some make it seem. If I could change things in the past, I would probably have pursued my computer science career. I know it's technically never too late, but I don't know if I have it in me to try to start something from the very bottom again. Will see..

2 most triggering phrases for me are "just scale it" and "set it and forget it" as if it was that simple, right?

As I said I'm not sure what's the point of this thread, but feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

I never made anything in affiliate marketing. I think I finally made sales off of one site since the war started in March 2020, & that's it. When I tried to find out WHERE the traffic was coming from, they couldn't help me & my website coder told me that sure they can tell you, it's their backend. Even if they were using an affiliate site for their software, they should still be able to tell me. Neither could & they both pointed fingers at the other one. sigh

The affiliate manager was a complete moron & she pissed me off several times. I suddenly stopped making money after I was upset with her & I knew I shouldn't have pressed it to give me where the traffic was coming from. I was making at least some money & I was sure she somehow turned it off. :(

I don't get a lot of traffic on my sites, so there's that.

I hate the industry too. People worship CJ & they are a piece of shit. Their interface is terrible & the fact that they steal your money if you don't make any sales after X months is TERRIBLE. And the fact that so many affiliate programs won't take me on b/c I'm not a large seller is ridiculous. They don't have to do ANY work, only pay me if I make sales. SMH

I've even complained to some companies about that saying WHY are you on CJ?

I want to join your program, but they steal our money, so I won't. sigh - like most companies, they didn't care. They treat their affiliates like GARBAGE.

Share a Sale at least didn't do that, but just like with CJ, they almost always gave me attitude & getting support was like pulling teeth (to even find a way to contact them.)

I didn't know it was shaving when they lie about how much money you made.

I remember once years ago nazi amazon said I never made a sale & the woman TOLD ME she ordered from my link.

One thing I did learn from a client I had years ago who ONLY marketed thru affiliate marketing, & this shocked me, is that if his sale turned into a CB he STILL had to pay the super affiliate & he got a lot of scam sales b/c of the super affiliate's sub affiliates. He was burning through money b/c of those leads, clearly there was a scam involved.

I always knew what super affiliates were, I just knew nothing beyond that.

Thanks for your perception.

You really should do something you love & that's NOT working for someone else. LOL

I've been looking for partners (not really partners) who can give me warm leads & then I take over from there. The money is great & is passive income as well.
I have had my luck with affiliate marketing but never really made a difference. I used to make 5k in commissions but with refunds and ad spent, I hardly used make about 1k. which I never been able to scale. tried CB, Maxbounty, share a sale. CB pharma was easy to convert but had a lot of refunds. then I stopped on affiliate marketing. maybe it's not my cup of tea.
I was in the same position a few years ago, my grandfather had a land in mountain that nobody was interested in so I took my affiliate money and invested in an apple farm never been happier something about farming made me happier than sitting 6 hours in front of the computer.

I'm the opposite of you, I am a freelancer, I build websites, and use every CMS on the planet... I don't do any programming for others, just myself. I used to get all my jobs off Upwork but it's changing so much Upwork makes you pay for everything... Clients are shit and want to pay 3rd world rates etc... other freelancers lie through their teeth about their "portfolios" It's not that great, it's not the work that's the issue, it's the clients and finding good work. I remember when I did CPA and was balling, it was much better. The grass is greener on the other side, I will say it's awesome pointing clients to hosting referral programs that pay $200 USD but sometimes it's the only way I can make the job worth it. That being said, since you like programming and basically do sales atm, you could run a Web Agency?
Interesting take, I know what you mean. I also have big experience in aff, had a small team, running bh products but I stopped because it's a pretty negative way to earn your money. Depending on your vertical too, but 95% of the industry is scammy. I have learned that the best way to make business is having satisfied clients, retention is key.

Have you thought about having your own brand or provide services as an agency to businesses?
To be successful you need the traffic. Have enough of the right traffic and you can sell rice to the Chinese.

I read lots of people interested in affiliate marketing, and have a lot of big plans, but don't know how to generate the traffic/audience.
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