I've asked how to make money online in google

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    [I'm loving this forum. It's WikiInternetMarketing]
    Okay, now to the post topic.

    Searched google, read almost all popular blogs, even digging this wonderful forum. Finally I know making a living online is not a joke. Now, I'm starting two websites(gadgetaries, will be like cnet, please advice on it, can I make some money here? Another is StayWithTech, a blog on tech tips, software etc). Learning web design(in HTML and CSS now, almost finished). App Design(Not yet Started). Graphic Design(Learning free courses). SEO( reading moz). Etc.
    Everything I can do for make passive income before I get all the burdens of Life on me like they are on my parents and that have affected my Engineering Degree. I'm 18 now, I don't want it to happen to me and to my kids.

    What am trying to ask here? It's 'How to make money online'. Seriously.

    Everything takes time. Atleast 2 months to earn $10/day ads income. Six months to earn any Google Adsense currency in India, my country. Some amount of visitors to earn affiliate commission. I'm okay with that. I'll wait and keep doing my homework until then. I'm totally have nothing to do other than this. No college, no money too. Outtie, thinking on ways to back up in Banglore. I need money now, to pay for next month internet bill, to send some money to my parents to pay their debt in my village. Atleast $100 week. Please tell me what can I do for it. Internet Marketing takes time. Freelancing takes experience. Bidding low on freelancing. I know I'll get some projects there. No doubt. Is there anything you want to tell me. Please advice.

    Article writing, this is the level of my English. Can I get paid atleast $4 per 500 words article? Where, to Indian authors? Every websites ask US citizenships.
    I can write 10 articles per day.

    Should I try kindle Publishing?
    Youtube+ clickbank?
    ads clicking like neobux?(just for now, until my sites starts doing anything for me)

    Please I need your advice on IM, making money now, App design or any thing you want to say, may be on life. I want to listen to every one. I don't know anything about this world. I wanna learn things up and become free from this money. I don't want a fancy car, big house or anything. I want problem free, happiest home. I don't want money to buy new dress, it's to cover my internet bills and rent($40 per month) send some money to my parents($500 per month)
    Sorry to be so dumb. Call me newbie. I'll be pro with time. Giving Everything as I said.

    Thanks for your time on reading this. I value your time. Sorry I made it long to read. Everybody have a nice day. :)