It's we who quote our worth!

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    I just don't understand, why people work hard towards creating quality content and high pr backlinks, just to earn a few cents from adsense. Most times, you can always find a product that you can sell, then why adsense?
    More or less you just undertake the same amount of work creating backlinks, indexing, bookmarking etc.

    From a lot of testing and tracking, i've understood that internet marketing is all about selling. Whether you sell an ebook(dream) or a physical product or a software, you need to sell somthing to make money. Although you can make a good amount of money from adsense, it's not comparable with what you would earn by selling a product.

    The principle is the same......

    You need 1 - targetted buyer
    1 - dream seller
    1 - hard to miss offer -------------> $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Time and again, i've been getting trapped into the adsense money makers group and google has been treating me like a beggar, throwing 1 cent at me for hours of reasearch and writing. Moreover, who knows what they make per click. All the fucking manipulated statistics(cost per click) and keyword research is just going down the drain. They could be manipulating us like hell. These days i just work as a content writer and make almost 300% more than that i ever made from adsense. May be it's time people should start switching too!

    Since ancient times, business has been all about buying and selling and it will be the same for a very long time. Business wasn't about hoping to receive a buck with your hands stretched out. I know this post is going to get flamed and people will tell me that they make about $100 - $10,000 per day with adsense, as if their cousins worked at google and their sites never got sandboxed or de-indexed, but i'll continue anyway.

    I've spent more than a year, just to understand that most of the money making oppurtunities on the internet are designed to take advantage of out helplessness of affiliates and the cash from even more stupid buyers. Some of the stupidest money making oppurtunities are below

    1) associated content
    2) bukisa
    3) adsense ( could be pfofitable for a while)
    4) get paid to click
    5) etc...

    Just because we agreed to settle down for those petty little opportunities, we blocked our own gates of succeeding online. We acted like herds and there were many others like us. On the other hand,
    software creators ( keyword research, bookmarking, comment spaming, web designing) and e-book authors entered the scene as leaders and showed us another "easy" path on which we could walk. The results are still the same and most probably will remain the same, but you have taken a look at their pocket now?

    So i've learn't not to settle for small things in life and walk my own path. I believe it's something you should start thinking about it too. Even if you try checking out for a job offline, you will find that different companies are ever ready to exploit you by offering you a low salary, just to fill their pockets.
    So right now i am thinking of coming up with a real business plan that's not dictated by anyone(search engines, social networks, etc).

    May be i'll write a book, throw up a website ,add a shopping cart & start driving traffic from whichever corner of the internet. That way i don't have to worry about being shaved, nor being banned, nor about the source of traffic etc etc...

    Don't bow because everyone else is bowing.
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    You are so right. The only real money I ever made on the internet was due to creative, outside the box, thinking. But I always seem to lose my way and get influenced by "try this" or the "next best thing" approach...

    I'm going to give my head a needed rest for awhile and then go back to the ole drawing board. Man I'm so tired of these nickels and dimes too.

    I'm with you, burn your bridges, and don't look back!