It's Time to Realize the Full Potential of Your Website with Reddit.

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I received my review copy in exchange for my review:

1) The guide is 43 pages, and contains all the information you need to succeed
2) This Reddit guide also has case studies which will help you understand Reddit better.
3) There’s a nice touch about what mods like and don’t like.
4) Lots of information on how one can succeed and why we often fail (I realised why it wasn’t working for me)

Overall if you follow his tips and tricks I see you can succeed with reddit, as he’s made it very simple in this guide


I was offered a free copy of this ebook. I was delivered in PDF format, through Mediafire.
I personally do zero on Reddit, so I wanted something that would be easy to read, understand and follow, that provides value to the reader.

What's Covered;
Crafting content that plays well on Reddit
Making your website/video look organic in the eyes of Reddit moderators and users
Timing your posts
Subreddit selection
Dealing with moderators
How the algorithm works (not just that it’s logarithmic)
Comment creation
Getting upvotes
Getting to the front page (of Reddit overall, not just a subreddit)
Promoting cryptocurrencies
Case studies
Things to avoid

The book is well written, easy to follow and understand. What I like is the quote from @WritersBlok that is bang on point;

You aren’t going to use much from this tutorial if your only marketing plan is to buy 1000 upvotes.

What cements this for me is the case studies. When you read through and see results such as this;

It reached the #2 spot of a 10 million+ subreddit, though it was never able to get over the hump of the hugely popular #1 link.

This isn't an everything is piss easy and everytime is perfect guide. Like with anything, you need to be realistic as to your expectations.

Out of 12 links submitted, 2 were astonishingly successful (one making the front page of Reddit overall), 4 were very successful,
each of them garnering over 900 upvotes each. 3 did alright, hitting triple digit upvotes. 2 were removed and 1 was overshadowed by the most popular post I submitted that day.

Think this way; If you get 50% that are very successful and 3 others that were doing 'alright', then if you have a good website/landing page, then you will make money and get serious traffic.

The price; There are a lot of tyre kickers on this forum ( tire kickers if you're American ) and the price will deter people.
What I'd say to this is simply this:
If you are going to commit to Reddit marketing, then this is an investment.
Finding the best methods as to how, where and when to post, combined with how to avoid screwing up your accounts and posts is invaluable.
The hard work of testing has already been done.
This is not a walkthrough that's going to earn you thousands a day with zero effort, but this is the gateway to the path that you need to put into action and eventually add your own twists too to what works.

I received a review copy of this eBook.

I am the retarded kind who enjoys looking at pictures as references, for the first 20 pages or so, there was no pictures at all, however afterwards, OP makes good use of pictures as references.
Despite that, the ebook was mostly written in a very simple and neutral way that beginner to immediate redditors/IM can somewhat understand.

The eBook covers a very good in-depth guide on how to get started, commonly made mistakes and things to look out for.
Some you might already knew, some you might think you know and some you probably already know of.

I personally do use reddit and as someone who regularly runs campaigns for CMS top spots, I can say for certain, while techniques differ from one redditor to another, the takeaway from this ebook is the concepts & the concepts are there.

$399 is quite a steep investment for any new player in the game, but as a new to reddit, some of these are nice things to know without wasting months on end testing and refining your process. Anyone dedicated enough to put this method on full throttle can def make back the $399. However, just a friendly reminder.
There are "preparations" needed to deploy this method in order to get your ROI.

What I liked
The eBook was very nicely structured, each section contained quite a bit of information and unless you are proficient in the reddit platform, it would recommend digesting the information provided in multiple sittings. The case study was an interesting read and guides the users along showing how the method and concepts were used.

What could be improved
eBook could potentially have some index/directory page that contains common Jargon or phrases.
The Domain section was slightly confusing to read and some information (on the domain section) feels a little outdated/inaccurate which could be improved. for example privacy.

* I received a free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion of the aforementioned Ebook*


I contacted the OP about his ebook as I was a former customer and thought I would try to understand how he achieved his results. Also, I like to mention that I will not give a favorable opinion because I have done business. I believe in reviewing this product (ebook) in an unbiased manner.

Ebook Highlights:

As @MisterF stated, 14 chapters cover account creation to case studies. I am more of a visual type of learner, so again the ebook was not constructed in the best way, but the information was of great value. First, the OP talks about the timing of creating posts and how not to have your account shadowbanned. I think this is the golden nugget of the ebook as I have lost my account this way and knowing the best times to post is a clear advantage.

To give the OP credit, in the end, I did see a case study, and it made the book come together and more understandable as I am truly a newbie when it comes to Reddit. You also have to consider the demographics and the people who make their full-time money on Reddit, so it can be difficult to have a topic stick.

Another point I would like to bring up is don't expect to post your URL and upvote it and think you're going to get on the first page of Reddit, as that is not possible. This is definitely not for you if you're lazy and you're just wasting your time.

The third point is that you will need investment money for accounts, proxies, and upvotes(hosting if you hit the front page like a VPS) and the ability to come up with engaging topics and not some copy-paste type of material.

Furthermore, at this price point, I was a bit skeptical, but I must say that if you actually put in the effort and you should be able to make back what you put in regarding your site to reach a new level in traffic. Reddit is a goldmine, and I really plan on implementing the steps taken in the ebook.

What Could Use Improvement

Just a better organization of the ebook, but other than that, I don't have any complaints as the grammar is good and much better than mine.

Final Thoughts
Just like any ebook or method, you need to put the work in, or this will sit on your hard drive and collect dust. I believe this can really be a game-changer if you have an agency and want to get traffic that can change the trotrajectory of your site.


I was offered a review copy and here is my honest review.

I am someone who has felt the power of Reddit every year since 2010/11.

So, I know how much Reddit can actually help us if the work is done properly beforehand.

They say "preparation is half the job done", this tutorial is just about that.

@WritersBlok teaches you how to prepare the ground to get the best possible results.

The eBook is without some extensive unnecessary stories, you will get 6.545 words that hit directly to the center!

The eBook is made for everyone, beginners or with some history, would benefit both sides, there is something for everyone to learn.

Reddit is a gold mine, Reddit will reward you like no other network, 1 ordinary share can end up with a million views to your site or video or wherever you want people to go.

I was offered a review copy.

First off, I've never made any conscious effort to figure out how Reddit works before. So, this is a fresh perspective.

This guide covers all guidelines to play it safe with Reddit.
Account selection, content creation, and upvote mechanism to name a few. Reddit mods particularly make it hard for anyone to be able to game the system. Hence, it's crucial to learn how they look at your posts.

Subreddit selection is also discussed extensively to make sure you're targeting the right set of people. I've rarely seen anyone talk about post timing when it comes to social media marketing. Turns out that it's got a lot to do with your chance of success.

Other tweaks to maximize the also mentioned throughout the ebook. If you're into crypto, there's a dedicated section for that as well.

The second half of the ebook deals with case studies which is a great incentive in my opinion. All of the steps involved in posting a piece of content have been carefully laid out (including screenshots). OP also discusses how you can earn more karma in the process.

Overall, it is a perfect recipe to make your post stand out and better understand the underlying factors that pull the trigger.
Let me know if you ever offer a considerable discount.
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