It's time to change the way we do business on Social Media


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Sep 7, 2010
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So, here I am..1:21 AM at one of my many machines working. Darn you BlackHat! Great place and I've been here now for over 12 hours. You freaks got me hooked :)

Social media. Funny game. I work a Social media company I started about two years ago and noticed something.

Even more funny is I'm a systems Engineer and Electrical Engineer, so I basically look at the world through glasses of logic and calculated choices based on well thought out probability. Who would have thought this combination would fit right into Social Media design and managment!!

Before I started this company, I picked, studied, read, reverserved engineered programs and tried out all the latests fads.

Here's what I found: They did not work.
They did not work because Social media had moved on and the way people were doing business did not.

I'm stuck in forum hell because I can not reply to many interesting posys (neebie and all).

So here's a good ice breaker- Share some thoughts on how you have adpated to the needs and changes of Social Media. Are you still trying tactics that were dead 3 years ago or are you thinking outside the box?

Very happy to be here!!!

DR. Bones
i dont know either if someone can make money consistently on social media tricks always come up but they never last long, better to do it with SEO imo
That's the problem with the methods I've reserached....People seem to use ~old tricks~ that worked once, but no longer work. This stuff moves at the speed of light!!
Welcome to BHW. You are far from new in this game i guess. :)
You are correct. I spent two years researching. I'm such a Geek. I built all my own tools programically. Looked at how people were attempting to push their goods on social media and asked the million $$ question "Why are people ignoring this". Answer: Old school tactics.

Social MEdia changes daily. To be on top, you must change, inderstand and impliment or you go down in flames.

I've been here for some time.... Like all good researchers, it's good to sit back in the corner and drink your coffee and just watch for a spell before saying too much :)

AWESOME place. Great ideas. Glad to be a part now :)
ehhh...hummm...."sits in ma corner booth and drinks my coffee and watches" Thanks for the warm welcome. feel free to sit and join me in some coffee. Sure wish I could post some examples of what we have done, but alas, I'm a newbie and they disable links.

Our team has done some amazing things on social Media over the last year. Looking forward to getting points and joining in on the great conversation around here !
If anyone is interested in what we are doing (since a newbie can't post the goods here) Skype me at chris23892
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