It's back Again. CISA! CISA stands for the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015

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    if you remember CISPA bill that got resoundingly rejected in Congress three times after overwhelming public outcry. Well Looks like they are trying to rename it and push it through again. I'm starting to see the sign the petition, pop ups on multiple websites

    We all knew they were going to keep trying to push it through again. You should start seeing this a lot on websites now.
    Check it out and add it to your websites . The spy bill

    Facebook is catching heat now
    Facebook may be the secret force behind surveillance bill ?CISA?
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    This bill is directed to give broadband internet providers absolute control over their networks. One option is to boycott broadband. We could use dial up internet if this bill passes. Thanks for letting us know about this important topic.
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    Its not a problem the NSA is a very weak organisation. Too many people run around panicking about some governments. If you do some basic research you will understand how much of a bluff that all the nations are putting out when it comes to how powerful they are.

    Governments buy their items that make them appear strong through bloated contracts that also will sometimes have union labor(which further adds to the cost). Also none of them have the old school Pyrrhic victory mindset that the Romans had that companies can still have if it means a good profit.