It's almost the new year and I want to Help a Newbie!

you should pick me up because I will give you 50% of the income that I will generate from your method.
can i still be safe? im still studying and i need money. total noob in this area. please?
I`m interested with your offer....

im a newbie.. and have a verified paypal account.. currently im only making money from adsense.. with autoblog and that's not enough for me.. so need someone to teach and guide me to make more money with other method

just pick me already. i might not be the best student in terms of attendance, but i always give my 150% to what i do. will teach someone in the future for sure, if i have the knowledge.

i'm familiar with youtube tools, facebook tools, lotsa tools. never got the hang of it to make a living out of what i did in the past. want to change that in 2009.

PM me, i'm your noob for 2009 :)
I think I need to say a few things. I was once a newbie to the online world of making money. I remember trying to read everything I could to make me rich. I never found that one thing to do it...

I can tell by alot of your responses that you think I'm going to show that 1 thing that has not been told or shown to you. You know that one plan or strategy that is a BIG secret and it's going to make you filthy rich.

If you have learned anything while you have been here you should learn this. It takes work and you have to take action

I'm not promising anything but showing you what I do and continue to do. You might be better at it than me. You might not want to actually put in the footwork to make something happen for you.

I wish someone would have done this for me when I started but I was in the "1 thing I will be rich overnight" mentality when I started and would of thought of thats not it.

You have to find THE WAY it works for you and make it your own.

I have a saying "Your success is just on the other side of your fear!"

I've chosen someone already and we have started on there journey.

I will work and get them up and running to where they feel comfortable and then choose another to help....

So who's the lucky person? you said you have chosen this offer ended then?

I guess it's not me then because I don't get PM from you. Well I'll just say :cow_yello to you and your partner. Happy mentoring and earning then!
I've noticed something while trying to help the newbies. This is for the Newbies not all of you but some of you. You are obviously on this thread because what your doing isn't working. Yet you want to tell me what I'm showing you won't work.

So this is my suggestion to you. Listen , read, and take action!

I'm showing you something that works. It cost you nothing to do but time.

No one is doing this exact thing and when they figure it out it. You will be left in the dust and asking yourself why didn't I get involved...

My answer will be because YOU already know it all.

This is a VERY unique type of service. If you don't want to follow what I teach you then don't bother asking for help. I'm going to show you what works and what doesn't.

Then you are on your own but at least someone is willing to help you.

If your not willing to try it then don't waste my time or yours. Buy another" I will be rich in 24hrs" ebook from dp.
Pick me.....with all the information on this forum, i spend all day and night d/l crap with now idea how to use it :D
I'm willing to give it a go

I'm a full time freelance worker here and I can dedicate all my times into it, hope we can chat soon!
Hey there, I have been trying to make money online for about a year now. I fully understand your concept of sharing and agree with it fully. I would love to learn some proven methods that i can then share with someone as well. Not only that but i just got a call from my father back in Russia, and he has being laid off. He is good person but the crisis seam s to hit everyone these days. they only make about $400 a month over there and i would love an opportunity to help him out with some money. He is not of age to get a new job at this point. I work a full time job myself and make good money but i have my own family to support. I have CL experince, Ebay account and PayPal and i will be 100% dedicated to make this work.That is why i think i will be the perfect candidate.
:lol: Since the student has already been chosen why are you people still applying?
Ok seriously I've found the 3 people I want to help Don't pm me with your sad stories and what you have done. If your not going to read the post how the HELL are you going to make any money if you cannot even do that..

I see someone post here the other day about FU Newbie... Now I know why to a point...

Most of you are lazy asses! You will just keep reading, won't take action, Yet you still haven't made a dime and you want to tell me what works and don't work. I'm offering help if you don't want it fine. Buy some more ebooks....

There is a select few here that understand and want to learn something and how to do it.

So what if your promoting my service. You get paid upfront!

If you bring traffic to your CPA offers your promoting a product or service of someone else's...get over it

I'm glad I opened this thread for the people that understand and GET it...

AS I have stated before when this gets released to the public on a larger scale and believe me it will The people I taught this will be laughing all the way to the bank....

What you don't understand! What I did show is just the tip of the iceberg to see if your going to take action..or bitch and whine...

So Far I have 3 people that see some potential and are willing to focus instead of forum fuck information overload...

Now I know why they wanted to close this forum to new people to keep the fucking whiners and leechers away!

I read the forum and didn't post anything for awhile and most of my post suck!

The difference is I saw potential and saw some very good teachers. I've learned what they taught me and turned it into something.

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