Italians: Make $5 in 1 minute, plus get a free product

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    Hi, I need some people located in Italy.
    Address in Italy and Italian name is a must. Pretty much you should be an Italian living in Italy. And you should have a Paypal account.

    The task is very simple.
    - I provide an affiliate link to a click bank offer (downloadable fat loss ebook that costs around EUR15)
    - I will send you the money needed to buy the product via Paypal, so I will have to trust you that you will really perform the task.
    (I would want to chat on Skype beforehand to make sure you're real)
    - Once I see the click bank transaction in my account, I will send you another $5 to your Paypal.
    - I would again have to trust you that you do NOT go back to click bank and get your money back and reverse the sale.

    Please PM me if you're interested and seriously, please no silly dishonorable scammers who would sell their own grandmother for a few bucks. Thanks.
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    interested, check your inbox