It`s "international organ donation week" now. whats your opinion?

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    Hey People.

    as some of you might know, its curently "international week of organ donation".
    This weeks goal is to make people aware of the importance of being an organ donor when you die..

    Today i was a guest on a dutch radioshow (3FM Radio) discussing the importance of donation and if donating should be obligated by law..
    As usual i had a strong and complicated opinion on the subject, and we didn`t really come to an real conclusion on this topic during the 2 hour show.

    now i would like to ask you guys how you all feel about organ donation...??

    What i said @ the radio interview..:

    first of all, if someone asked me if i personally would care if i was cut up in to pieces and send all over the world to help people after my death, my answer would be NO, i wont care. I`m dead, my time is up, do what you like, i wont know or care..dead is dead. i`m not religous, so for me death means game over... The end...

    so i wouldn`t care what they did with my body, if they wanted they could bury me in the backyard in a television box or something, i don`t care.
    But i would hate for my family and loved ones to see or know about me being robed from all "usefull parts" i may have in me.. if not handled correctly by the doctors, this could be very traumatic..
    i wouldn`t want to put others through this..

    since i don`t know how this really gets handled in the hospital at that moment, and there is barely any information available on guidelines how to act in these situations, i personaly have chosen not to be a donor if i would die.

    On the other side, i also feel keeping weak and sick people alive with my organs, and giving them the opportunity to reproduce really is just ********ing with evolution and disturbing the balance of nature.

    in the last 100 years medical science made incredible leaps. but because of that, the human population quadruppled.
    Never before in the history of human kind(over 20k years of recorded history) there was such an explosive poppulation growth like we are experiencing at the moment..
    at this rate of growth the planet earth will run out of recourses to support us within 150 years. there simply isn`t enough land to house and also feed all these people.

    In nature the weakest of a spiecies have to die to feed other spiecies, and to make sure that only the strongest genes are able to reproduce..

    like when they started with the elephant spiecies. nature started with giving each elphant 1 out of 100 available skills. eventually the ones who got a skill useless to elephants weren`t able to survive and died, Sacrificing these weak ones made sure these useless skills wouldn`t be transfered to the next generation. eventually this process weeded out all genes and skills useless to the elephants. And eventually we ended up with an strong population of elephants posessing all the skills and genes they needed to survive as elephants, and eventually all of the useless skills and genes are shed of in evolution.
    This is natures way to make sure the spiecies grows stronger with every generation.

    At the moment we are cheating nature as well as evolution. we keep the weak ones alive, and also keep individual humans walking this earth longer than nature really intended.

    in the old days humans died at a age of lets say 40.
    This was natures way to keep the human population in controll.
    we pushed that average age to the mid 70`s at the moment, mostly because of using medical sience. Thats just un-naturall..
    if we removed every human thats over 40 from the earth today, there wouldn`t be overpopulation, no global warming and no hunger anywhere in the world..

    the emotional human in me says, its a good thing we are able to keep our loved ones with us for longer and longer. (my grandma was helped with her cancer, and personally i`m very glad she is still with us today)
    And also humans being able to keep growing older all the time

    but the rational person in me is saying, "helping the world to artificially keep more humans ever longer on this planet is eventually just global suicide for the human race all together..

    What do you think?:
    Are we able to outsmart nature in the long run? Or will Nature and evolution eventually catch up with us?

    I`m eager to hear your well thought through and honest opinions and visions on this subject..

    please don`t clutter this thread with useless one sentence reply`s. only relpy if you have a real opinion or have something substantial to add to the discussion.

    greetz roger
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    In 150 years time you'd think we would be advanced enough to not run out of room on this planet, nor resources because:

    - we will be able to make those resources
    - we will find other planets similar to Earth.

    150 years is a long time :)