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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by ajaj, May 4, 2008.

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Hey guys and girls.

    Forgive me for starting a dedicated thread on onlywire but I'm having issues with it and want to share my frustrations.

    I signed up for and all the sites that the bookmarking sites that they support.

    I found that the following sites either didnt exist or I had trouble signing up with or something else went wrong...

    Blogmemes,LinkRoll, Looklater, rawsugar, shadows, unalog and xlinuis.

    And Linktopia deleted my account cuz it sensed i was using onlywire.

    Also, when I bookmarked my site, it only worked with delicious.
    I tried it again with a different browser with the remaining sites.

    Thanks for your input

    Am I the only one with this issue, or is onlywire buggy/outdatedn?
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    Mar 13, 2008
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    I signed up with OnlyWire a few months back and also had some sites that did not exist. I have heard from other people the same issues, but never got any of my accounts deleted for using it.

    You can also check out another similar service at:

    I never got any decent traffic from OnlyWire anyway. It's only good for backlinks to your blog posts and websites.
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    Apr 16, 2007
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    I dont have a problem with onlywire generaly, but I do know what you mean....

    Some of those sites will not accept auto link posting, but as someone said you only use it to get your sites indexed or for good pr backlinks....