Issues creating Google accounts - Any free SMS?

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    Dec 14, 2013
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    Hey Guys,

    Been out of the loop for awhile when it comes to Google accounts. Was trying to create a new account using my dynamic home IP, but after clearing cache and cookies, flash cookies, creating a new canvas fingerprint, and resetting my router, I keep getting prompted to phone verify my account.

    Is that normal now adays? I even tried signup up through, but no go. Is there any free way to SMS verify with Google? Or any suggestions on how I can proceed without ordering a bunch of sim cards?

    P.S. forgot to mention that even using my existing paid SMS verify service, I am unable to verify. I tried like 15 numbers so far, and all of them say "This phone number cannot be used for verification.". However.. they are those cheap .15 Chinese numbers :p