Issue with Signatures Avatar and Rank, Oh my!


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Aug 30, 2011
In the FAQ and in a few threads, I've noticed that after 50 posts (and 30+ days registered) I should have a few things.

- I cannot set a text signature (I don't have the option, and when I direct link I get "Sorry, you are not permitted to have a signature.")

- I cannot set a custom avatar (1 1/2 months old, 180 posts, 36 thanks, when FAQ and threads say 50 posts + 30 days?)

- My "rank" is still "Newbies". At 180 posts, looking over, shouldn't I be a Junior Member by now? (I never received my Regular Member, either).

Is there another requirement that is not in the FAQ or the guidelines?

Anyway, I am just curious, in case if some of the threads/FAQ files need updating.
Old Post. My issue resolved itself with time (60 days worth, to be exact ;) )

The FAQ needs to be updated. Signatures/Avatars/rank/etc need 60 days, not 30 days.

It wasn't a big issue, but misinformation nonetheless.
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