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    I have two goals set up in my Analytics.

    Both have the same Goal Url but have different url steps and have different 1st step (which i setup as required).

    So for example for goal 1 I have:
    1./product1/step1 - required

    For goal 2 I have:
    1./product2/step1 - required

    When somebody buy product1 I get both goal 1 and goal 2 conversions in my analytics saying both products have been bought.

    If I'm wrong, how do I set it up so they don't convert as one goal but as two goals as it is intended to work?

    I need to use one Goal Url (/thank-you) just because it is a page where I check the payment have been processed. It would be silly to duplicate the same page for different goals.

    Thank you all :)