ISO Mystery Meat Salesperson...this ain't ice cubes to Eskimos...

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    I keeps me a pimp pen...ya neva know when ya gonna
    stopped on the 405 @ 4:20 sparkin a blunt...
    I'm in search of a online marketing advertising salesperson to design & implement a successful sales campaign to sell the worlds second largest & most sold commodity on the planet from a well indexed 6 year old website.

    Very low number of Sales per day is required to be successful on this project. Your pay is based on your degree of success and to be paid via commission or flat rate of the percentage of sales agreed upon at the outset of the project...I?m very flexible and negotiable...

    The person hired will have a proven record of creating successful online advertising that results in targeted sales converting traffic. You will know how to write and place compelling content to drive laser targeted (US) traffic to my well placed/indexed items on sale on my website.

    Not looking for tire kickers or looky loos...I need this project to produce sales to the US foreign customers wanted for this website because I only ship to the US.

    Please pm me to discuss this project.
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    I can hardly imagine you would only need low sales each day to be succesful when selling coffee. Unless you are in for the 1 billion a bag of coffee business.