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    This is my first post in BHW, been reading quite a bit, and I must say I am impressed with the contents offered on the page, hopefully someone could give me a hand.

    I own a ltd marketing and event management company (we create brands and put them to work in different venues); I would like to add a proper online marketing branch to the company, however I am really lost in that sense, hence the need of the invaluable help from the BHW members.

    At the moment, I would like to know if there is any of the following available:
    - Addfriend Facebook script/program.
    - Facebook comment program (so the accounts can spam from time to time).
    - Geographically/Demographically targeted likes for FB "like" pages (Most of the online services are BS).

    Any other comments/tips/help are always appreciated.


    /e: Would happily pay for any of my requests. Contract signed prior any transaction.
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