Isn't funn yall these genuine products they want YOU to sell?

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    The dropshipping section is amazing. All these kind "wholesalers" who have unblievably priced, genuine products (honest cross me heart and hope to die.."shivver my timbers.2 pieces of silver, hoist the flag." they are begging you to sell for them for 20%,30%+ profits. It's amazing. You couldn't get those commissions if you struck up the best deal possible with the producers. Yet their cousin Vinny just happened to know the company director (who is Chinese) and can get at super low price.

    Then of course they want you to buy from them "in bulk" as you'll make even more profits this way. W.U. of course as "they hate P.P."

    And when oyu kind of wonder why on earth they simply do not sell it them-selves on Ebay....

    Excuse 1: I am a wholsesaler
    Excsue 2: My account was disabled due to OTHER reasons.
    Excsue 3: I am doing bigger things now
    Excuse 4: I am kind and I want to help out poor people who have no work no money to make big profits.
    Excsue 5: "by questioning my you have failed my "test" (actually you aren't as dumb as i though you was) so I have decided not to offer you my unbelievable products for sale

    That's all you have to ask. WHY are you not selling this your-self? There's NEVER a valid reason for it.

    Sometimes they are honest and admit it's counterfeit/fake. So at least you go into it with your eyes open. But all these "wholseealers" selling 100% legit products for big % comm's are telling "porkie pies!" I know it's a shocker isn't it? Lies on the Net...REALLY? Some cultures it seems it's the only way they do business! Beware!
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    But my cousin Vinny really could get you all 4 tires for cheaper.

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    I tried suggesting this
    . Just be patient, they are working on stuff, it takes time but I do see a day where there will be a BST type of legitimacy to the wholesale hookups section. I would just state don't do any business with new posters that have product X and pm me for details type of thing. I think the more tips we can provide to people in this thread the more it would help others from being scammed.
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    yea every one person I have talked to about drop shipping/ wholesale / whatever has always tried to get me to send them money before they do a thing. Yea Im gonna put your shit on ebay, sell it, send you money and pray you send the product. give me a break. It's a joke.