Is Youtube + CPA Sustainable Income?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by wnzszi, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Hey all,

    I was reading a Youtube Journey thread and was wondering on how sustainable it is it run CPA on Youtube. The thread creator talked about making $25 a day at one point, but having it all taken away from him when Youtube deleted his accounts. Is this an inevitability of trying to make money this way on Youtube? Will CPA videos EVENTUALLY get deleted?

    I work a full-time job but would like to make some extra cash on the side to help pay for bills. I make legit Youtube videos for fun, but would like to make some for money-making purposes only. I just worry that I'll put a ton of time into it (time that I don't have), and have my videos taken down a few days or weeks later. Anybody who can shed some light on this topic?

    If this method is not sustainable over the long haul, what other methods are stable money-makers besides being a partner/running adsense? Thanks!
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    If you're spamming YouTube with hundreds of videos you will have to reupload everything eventually. If you're creating quality videos, you will have them stay up and attract eyeballs more easily. Now there's the question of how to make a quality video that has a CPA offer attached somewhere..