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Is xrumer worth it on 2016?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by MariosElGreco, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. MariosElGreco

    MariosElGreco Regular Member

    May 31, 2014
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    I've used the gsa ser , its good tool, handly, quick to learn and i've learn any option that it can provide . i am suggesting it to new users.,
    We all know that linkbuilding in the same domain you want to rank its not a seo. link build to other domains that is linked to yours or on some backlinks that you've made to you money site. but that's all.
    i never buy any gsa ser list for quick building, i do not trust anyone, so i used to search by footprints with gscraper . Its the best tool for scraping , i never used paid proxies ,only shared ones so gscraper give me the ability to change and try new proxy so i dont miss a keyword without been scraped. scrapebox doesn't offer that "i tried a non paid version to test it" i don't know if on paid version are diffrent. but neither gscraper or scrapebox are going to give you any backlink those days. only scraping.
    i've try some tools like magic submitter,senuce,demon and all those are craps "sorry if any programmer own this tools but dude they are not worthing a single penny those days".
    I never try xrumer or hrefer . i didnt find any "no paid" version to test it. and i am not going to find, there are none.
    i can imagine what hrefer can do , maybe its at the same level as scrapebox and gscraper , maybe not. but eventually its a scraper... i don't know if it works on good on shared proxies like gscraper so if anyone have tried both please give me an straight answer.
    As for xrumer by its self i can't say anything , maybe if you run both gsa ser and xrumer on the same machine will xrumer run faster as they said , maybe not. But i've heard that is way more faster "x10 +" than gsa. Honnestly i just don't know.
    Also they said that xrumer can't do web 2.0 and so on. i heard that with some mods "paid ones logical" you will able to manage this.
    i've read on bootmasterlabs site "xrumers site" that it can post on bloggers site's . "gsa ser can't do that as blogger's comment machine wants gplus acc" i don't wait to hear otherwise , i own this tool.
    also the version 3-7 of xrumers software used to have mass creator hotmail-yahoo and etc account. they have remove it , right ?
    so any catch up email with costum domain since it can provide you more than 1million diffrent emails its good enought..
    can xrumer create gplus acc by any mod that you know ? i dont know if xrumer's capctha decoded can break the google capctha mechanism since its hard captcha's or even re-captcha. or you'll need deathbycaptchas and etc services. ?
    Also if you notice, some site when it comes to comment they used the facebook comment platform . Gsa ser can't comment on this platform. Xrumer can ?
    i've read it has a plugin that it can manage social's like fb,odn,link and one more i think. can also made fb shares by any mods? or create fb accounts ?
    well when it comes to seo fb shares are more variable than likes. and tweets than retweet.
    So i want any owner of xrumer and gsa ser to give me a long writing answer about the cons and the negative about, well xrumer . i know the negative one's of gsa ser.
    ty for reading, sorry for typo's.
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  2. Dollar Machine

    Dollar Machine Registered Member

    Jul 9, 2014
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    I don't know why I read all this :AR15firin
  3. discmartin

    discmartin Registered Member

    Sep 29, 2013
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    tl;dr use it as 2nd/3rd tier.