Is unique article wizard any different from just standard web submission?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ranko Jones, Nov 7, 2011.

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    I was speaking to a buddy who's ranked a 1 mill kw. again today and he was telling me how unique article wizard is his main seo program.

    i said man you are discounting the fact you have backlinks from nearly every authority in your niche which he does. He said that doesnt count because they all contain affiliate links as bakclinks that have affiliate links get discounted? Ive never hear of this rule? so i dont really believe that.

    Regardless, if he says he continues to see improvements with uaw authority links or not it still shows it has some effect im guessing?

    I dont get how this is different from any standard crap article or web 2 submission tho?

    The only thing I could see is that it says it submits to niche sites but other than that i dont see anything that would make it special or even work?

    anyone give me an idea?
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    Glad you brought this up.

    I don't know what it is, it's been around for years and I'm still paying $67/mo
    for it, but for w/e reason, 9/10, it'll be the only thing necessary for me to dominate
    a kw.

    What's been working best for me now is to use a YouTube video link in my resource
    boxes--or better yet, multiple YT links that are yours that'll rotate--you'll start taking
    over the first 20+ pages for certain (obv lesser comp) kws < - - has closed many an
    offline/local/smallbiz SEO deal, having them 'Google __kw that relates to them but is
    (unknowingly)easy to rank for_'.

    And UAW's got you the first xx # of SERPs :D

    Not sure why, but glad it does work like a charm.

    Oldie but goodie....if it ain't broke...and so forth....



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    I think it comes down to how hard a link is to get.
    Anybody can put a link up at a 2.0 site.
    When you have a link on a site that is "privately owned",
    Big G looks at that link with more authority.
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    There's plenty of ways to get d0follow high PR links without paying for them. I don't think google values those more than subdomains... if the subdomain linking is done right.

    Sadly I do have some direct evidence of this fact... I recently created 1000+ high PR links (all d0follow, quite a few PR7s, tons of PR6s, and over 100 PR5s) directly to a site, and the Web 2.0s I did before that seemed to have more effect on SERPs.