Is Twitter Ads better Facebook ads for building Follower/Fan of Fanpage

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Apr 12, 2018
I use facebook ads to build my fanpage with cost 0.013$/1 global liker
i dont have any experience on Twitter, i just start my twitter acount and use Follow/follow back method, but it's not work. So anyone have experience both please help me with better choice.
p/s : my country is not anabled by twitter ads
Who's your target if you want to use Twitter ads? If Twitter ads is not enabled in your country, are you targeting international market then?

What's your niche? If it's more of a visual one, use Instagram instead.
Choosing the right channel for your company when it comes to Facebook vs Twitter isn’t just about finding the “best” platform, but one that allows you to connect with the right audience.
Facebook is easily the most active social media network, particularly when you consider it owns WhatsApp and Instagram. This unique channel appeals to a range of generations, who seem to be drawn to the idea of connecting with their family, keeping tabs on friends and making sure that they have access to their favorite brands too.
It is much more expensive but the followers you get on Twitter are generally more likely to be real people
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