Is translated content ranking good ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by albaniax, Nov 18, 2010.

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    What about content, that is translated from let's say France, to German, then to English. Now if we use that content on a new site / old site, will it rank, as unique content, or at least as good rewritten content ?

    I mean, I don't think, that Google also translates the content in 100 languages, when it checks it for dupe-content. It would quadruple the servers they need to use just for this.

    We are not talking about if the articles are readable. Just as a usage of ranking for autoblogs ( translation of full-rss feeds from other language blogs, in same language )

    What should be done is, to look that the keyword you in the end want to rank for, is translated in the right way how the people search it on Google, and not a poorly, incorrect translation.

    I want to hear some people, who actually tried it out, or a using this kind of content regular.
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    yeah it does rank AS LONG AS you are the only one translating and using that particular article. If other 100 folks do it for that article, you got the same problem.