Is This Worth Investing Into? 800 Potential Free/Buyers Monthly

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MoreMoneyMoreProblem, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Tonight I came across a niche for a small content management system, I mean real small but very flexible and I see potential in the CMS. Anyways I took a look at the themes available for this CMS and they only provide 2... I mean really you think a project like this would have more than 2 but they don't and I see people are customizing their sites as they go but nothing to exciting (the basics).

    Anyways I did some keyword research and the string [CMS+Themes] receives 900 global monthly searches and 550 local searches. The #1 spot within this keyword has 5-6 themes that sell for between $50-150 per theme. Next I checked Traffic Travis and it says its easy to rank for... the top site has a PR of 1 and with about 3k back links but the #2 and #3 position have 0 PR and 44 BL / 0 BL so I can see myself get into first page pretty easy.

    Now I am wondering if this CMS niche would be worth getting into... I have the idea to create a few premium themes with prices between $25-75 and maybe a few themes which will be offered for free with a CPA gateway.

    Throw me some feedback.
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    The community seems very small, too small. Now this could go both ways, either the community is very loyal to that CMS and would buy themes or they're just there as an alternative to other CMS.

    I used to code/design for a certain CMS and it was a pain. Lots of files to customize and it just wasn't worth my time. So my question is, are you outsourcing your themes or doing it yourself? How easy would it be to code these themes?

    I think you should get to know the CMS's community more by joining their forums. Ask around if people tried the themes at that #1 ranking position to get a general idea on how serious these guys are.

    IMO, if it takes too much time to invest, I wouldn't do it. Unless you find that interest is really high and you can bang out themes just like that.