Is this the best way to make money?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by testt, Dec 13, 2008.

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    As seen on my posts count, im a new member and im struggling to make a living in real job as well as im.
    Since i came to this forum it gave me a new hope... well, dont brag bout my history yea....

    Well, i have searched and read lots and lots of money making methods in the forum so don flame me for not searching....:(...
    i came out with this idea...
    I try to monetize without spending a dime ( due to bad credit)

    Ive seen ewhore and other methods but i dont seem to do such plainly sticked to affiliate marketing...
    AC ... nt into article niche
    Freelance in dp? i don't havve time since ive a shitty day job to stuff my stomach with my lunch n dinner
    Anything else that i searched... ppc,... needs investment.. no point..

    Started a few blogs, but none give me results .... yea had one wit $ 0.12 :eek: thru adsense

    My revelation is...
    Build blogs thru blogger
    Select few niches according to cb
    Then i will senuke , and bookmark demon ( i had version 3, wonder it works)
    I will use article robot to post articles mebbe 2-3 reviews of each product...
    ill get directory submitter and socialbookmarking...
    Wonder this plan works to drive traffic...n prob some sales ($100 a day would be dream come true)

    Any free recommendation n tools recommendation to use would be appreciated since i dont want to spend money...would rather test the outcome b4 spending
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    Seems interesting. I am assuming you are using blogger as it is a free service. You are going to want to get a plugin from so you can track your traffic. You could also try promoting via yahoo answers.
  3. aмillionaírе

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    Little niche + content = profit
    Big - Medium niche + no or little content / update = no profit
    Find that niche, find that content.

    *hint* Google just came out with a jewel that gives EVERYTHING away.
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    Nov 13, 2008
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    I would recommend that once you get money, you continually reinvest all of it until things become self sufficient. Of course you can effectively make money without using money, but at a point you need to make investments to move up. Remember, time is money. If you're not willing to spend $10 to do something quickly and efficiently and you take 5 hours to do it, then it's a waste of your time, and therefore money in the long run. Making money takes risks, but they pay off big as long as you're determined.
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    I wonder what that jewel would be Mr.Nirvana
  6. syngenetic

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    There is not really a best way, but sure you can find a way to make money. You can start from selling links on your blogs up to ewhoring. You just have to play around with ideas and once you hit the jackspot, you keep doing it.
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    Nov 14, 2008
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    if u really wanna make some good money.....there are 2 ways

    blackhat: cookie stuffing
    white hat: PPC

    invest some money in PPC ...learn it and deploy it
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    dr kenneth and nirvana made relevant points...

    and what you're laying out sounds like plain old IM fundamentals to me...

    Build niche blogs, get links, get traffic, monetize, automate somehow.

    If you're looking for a "best method", that's your first mistake - because you're looking for the SECRET, which doesn't exist.

    You haven't succeeded at anything else you mentioned because you're looking for an easy, black and white method of making enough cash to quit your shitty job. You gotta sweat man.. even if you make $300 in the first three days or $3, you gotta sweat it out, allow yourself to fuck up, and stick to it.

    If I'm trying a new method (like today for example) I am not sleeping (it's 7:44 am, and the wife just left for work). I'm spending 16 hours in front of my computer perfecting it, tweaking, making it work.. I know you can't because of your job, but be sure you have that mindset. Don't move onto another method until you have tried EVERYTHING you can to make the current on work. Don't keep bouncing around. Stick to something, master it, and move on.

    I wish you the best.
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