Is this site making money? (Link inside)


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Mar 24, 2008
Here's the site:


He's just copying Amazon ads (probably automated) with a tiny 1 or 2 character affiliate link in each post. There's a few GoDaddy & HostGator ads here and there, plus a bunch of Amazon widget ads everywhere.

But suppose he's getting traffic (obviously not from Google), is it generating money for him?
I think it does, the site is not really ugly and if it gets traffic, sales can be made
Short answer is no. That website would be lucky to generate enough revenue in a year to pay his domain renewal.
Is an interesting site. Although the article. I do not use auto post this too. Make sure to visit my friend, I see that very small things can make a lucrative income.
I didn't look closely but resembles an AOM website. Also plenty of plugins that will do that poor of a job in WP.

The builder couldn't even be bothered to use pretty links for keywords in urls. Pretty pathetic really. An hour's worth of work at best. Internet rubbish that won't ever rank for anything.
I can't remember the wordpress plug, It's an autoblog. Worked back like early last year some wordpress amazon auto shop builder plugin or some crap
Well, I suppose I got my hopes up for nothing then, but I've just gotten used to making macros that are pretty advanced and I can't figure out any ways for them to make money.
Out of curiosity I checked this site again, and it appears they've revamped the design quite a bit.

It seems they're still doing the same thing as far as just copying Amazon ads for their blog posts, but now they're framing the reviews directly into the content and the pictures now contain the affiliate links.

Is it still not making money? I imagine if you had 100 or so of these sites all on autopilot, maybe there's some money to be had.
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