Is this service good?


Apr 3, 2010
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Well I am planning to pay $20 for my thread in service offerings, but don't know if my service will be bought here...

the thing is, there is this method to bring thousands of visitors daily with investment (small)...

It's through youtube, contacting owners who have big videos and then asking for link space and annotation in thevideo, offering them $10 for it, I did this before and I got 1,000 UV daily and my site was the worst niche, movie trailers.

I will talk more about it in the thread,but my service is

finding OLD niche related videos still getting loads of views, and giving them the list of videos.

Old videos becuase new ones ask for $100 for link space in description n etc, and old because the owner of the video won't receive anymore offers, videos old like 2-3 days, but still getting lots of views.
Niche related.

My prices would be

$15 - 100 videos
$30 - 200 videos
$40 - 300 videos

and etc...

It's a very good method to get traffic

do u think it would be a good service? dont want to waste my cash on notihng.