is this okay to do with my adsense-ran affiliate company?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by flc735, Feb 15, 2012.

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    i changed the site/kw's to keep it secret but i'd like to know if i am allowed to do this or not.

    adsense manages this companies affiliate program

    1. adword my affiliate company for low volume minor keywords that they are also specifically targeting. they or anyone else do not bid on adwords for these KWs and they have the exact kw as their subdomain. these KWs do not contain the companies name and so they are not included in the "no adword list".
    2. use (and tweek with my aff links) the landing/sales page they give me to target that specific KW

    for ex: say adsense is the affiliate manager for walmart, my aff company, and i target the kw "buy blue flowers". i am the only one to buy adwords for this kw and walmart has a page called "" that they rank #3 for. i use an exact copy of the "" page as my landing page to sell the same blue flowers from walmart

    is this okay or do i have to make my own landing page for it to avoid any trouble?

    thank you