Is this doable? Multi-webshop creation with a master backoffice..

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    Hi everyone,

    I am building mainly small-time webshops, infosites and business websites to private clients. But now i've got a big fish and i am not sure how to handle this, i am not even sure if it is possible. I am willing to outsource if this is possible.

    What he wants:
    • He owns a clothes printing company (stamps).
    • He wants 1 main backoffice panel where he can manage products, stock, prices etc.
    • From there he wants a 1-click webshop creation possibility for which he wants to only buy a domain name and link that to it. So short version, he wants to create a clone webshop with single click (or a very few easy steps)
    • He wants to assign which products go to what cloned shop from his main panel.
    • He wants to have a drop-down menu on his panel from which he wants to select a sub-shop and see all sales/turnover of that webshop (statistics)
    • If a order finds place at any of the shops it shall be forwarded to him (like dropshipping)
    • Each subshop has its own 'owner/admin' who can also log in and see sales etc..
    He doesn't mind if the webshops are based on a open source platforms (like Prestashop etc) as long as all functionalities are there. His plan is to give away free webshops to random people he knows, which he creates with the click of a button and a simple domain forward.

    Is this even possible, if so then how shall i handle this?

    thank you in advance