Is this considered site flipping? Looking to sell my digital marketing company and leads?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by Princesstambam, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Hey everyone. I hope no one kills me, if I posted this question in the wrong spot. However, I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on what my best course of action would be. I started reading these forums a while ago, and immediately starting placing my new found knowledge into actions. Fast forward to now, I have a pretty successful digital marketing/PR agency in NYC and now I'm looking to completely get rid of it (too much stress, plus I want to follow my dreams and open up a daycare). I'm not sure where I should attempt to sell it because it's such a grey area (not simply just a website, but all the leads, current clients, contracts, automated software, etc). I did place it on ebay and Craigslist but I'm not sure if it belongs on places such as Flippa? Any advice? I really appreciate it!