Is this common practice?

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    I recently re-read the Adwords Black book, rewatched PPC Formula 1 and watched some Joel Peterson seminars. According to them, the way to get cheap traffic that's highly targeted is brand hijacking (or domain hijacking). So I picked a Niche and began a 4-hour search of companies in this Niche.

    When I went to the Google Keyword Tool External, I typed in a particular product I had my eye on, and they gave me a list of related keywords. 5 of these keywords were in a major niche, highly targeted, and had at least 60,000 searches a month.

    However, I went and searched with 10 private proxies in 3 different countries, and no matter where I looked, not one ad showed. Making a campaign in Google confirmed my suspicion, namely that I'd get a monopoly on those keywords with $0.05 bids per ad.

    So I ask you: is this common practice, to have 50 competitors on a 18,000 searches/mo keyword, yet have a similar keyword with 60,000 US searches a month that no one cares to bid on, even if just to get the $0.05 ads?

    If so, someone should've included THAT in their e-books.

    (No, I won't share the niche, but it's just a single step down from weight loss.)