Is this Appropriate or Professional?

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    So there's a technical detail that I could clarify. The deal is 90% made, and she thinks it's 100% made, but I just thought of a way for this job to go wrong and if it does it's going to cost me some time. Which means, it's going to cost her some money. I've already decided that, at this price, it is not reasonable to expect that the cost of doing someone else's responsibility for them should be for free. So, her mid-term strategy would be to expect them to pay her for what I am thinking about billing her for, which is my time. (Note: Her long-term strategy would obviously actually trying to get PAID. That's not the same thing as "billing" in some parts of the world.)

    If you didn't get that part, go back, because if you don't get it, there's a good chance you are going to get everything that happens afterward wrong, then you'll post your wrongness, and everyone will see <your name>: Said:<some kind of wrongness> and everyone will look at that and wonder what kind of person that you are, to say such a thing. Maybe you ain't too bright, yo'.

    Is what they will think. So get it, or as an additional, helpful suggestion, provided for FREE and at no additional charge, the following helpful suggestion: Click somewhere else. This is boring, and meaningless trash that they talk about in the Lounge. Nothing to see here folks,.......... move along.................that's right, it's just a minor accident.......... move's okay...........everyone lived and no one was injured........ move along............ it's okay.............move along.............. that's right, keep, don't worry about where you are going to, just keep moving THAT WAY, okay? ..................... that's right, keep going...................move along.................. you aren't going to give us any trouble, are you? Any reason to take you into custody in order to do a pre-investigation detention in order to determine whether or not we have the right to detain you or not. You'll of course be detained while we are trying to determine if we have that right, and if we don't we'll let you go, free of charge........... move along..................that's right, keep going...................yes they all survived, and no one was injured, thank god..............move along................yawn........

    <yawn> boring stuff, eh?

    So, moving on....


    Which, btw, I think of as a "gravitas" or a "bass clef" as if it's the low frequencies of what follows that are going to determine the entire foundation of what comes next;

    1) power
    2) control
    3) access
    4) storage
    5) escape
    6) obfuscation
    7) deletion of history
    8) volatile memory and the value of data that exists when you need it, but disappears from the universe forever when you want it gone.

    My latest, self-created business idea (that I either synthesized or stole outright from someone else:

    Sell special hard drives to people, that have tine capsules of highly concentrated acid, or some other chemical that will permanently etch the platters of hard drives and delete that data that's on them forever. And that's ALL the data; every last shred of it.

    Lol, the hard drive must be "cleaned". It's dirty. Like those stupid registry cleaners people go on & on about. Those are batch files. Thousands of batch files and what they do is make group and selective edits of the registry. Like, if I were to have a special "dream wish" on a contest sponsored by CCCCleaner, I would want to know that it deleted all traces of the "Google Updater Service" from my computer completely.

    And, as punishment for their crimes, I would want someone who is NOT Matt Cutts to have a special wire & electrode emplanted in their genital area, so that any time it recieved a "go" signal, it would shock the Google Executive with enough disruptive electrical enegy that they involuntarily urinate on themselves.

    And, as an added bonus, included completely free of charge as a professional courtesy to my fellow esteemed BHW members....I offer you the following gift:

    And, every time a User manually chooses to uninstall the Google Updater Service, because the just don't trust them, they think they influence world governments to do things that they wouldn't do otherwise, but for the influence of Google, oh yeah, did I mention the secret Ponzi scheme they set-up so they could leverage more money to be used

    and for what? As the A.G. that one too.

    ...every time a User Manually chosses to uninstall the Google Updater Service, said Google Executive gets an electric jolt to <his/her> genital area, and they piss themselves.


    On YouTube.

    Every day.

    Let's all buy fucking ad-words. We'd be walking all over Wal-Mart with a cell-phone internet powered laptop, showing dumpy Wal-Mart customers the video of said Google Executive getting shocked and pissing all over themselves.

    DRUGS??? We sold illegal DRUGS>>>!!!!!????????////////


    ...showing dumpy Wal-Mart employees the YouTube video of said Google Executive getting zapped and pissing on themselves, then making cell-phone videos of the employee's reactions. The guy says:

    <guy with laptop> Excuse me ma'am. Can I show you a video that someone made about Google? and, to be polite she says
    <average dumpy Wal-Mart shopper> Uh, sure. I guess so. And then you run it. It gets to the part where the shock happens and the urine appears, and suddenly it's the whole french comedic gag where the average guy just walks up to the stage, presents himself and then pisses himself inside his pants. Or not, IDK. Maybe it's a water-bottle. You hope it's a water-bottle, but you don't know for sure. He looks kinda weird... (that's the whole bit's gimmick)

    Anyways post to YouTube and create a following, like AutoTunes. Btw, Schmoyo, you gotta step up your game. All you could use from that guy was "testicles" and everything else. He gotta have some big testicles or whatever. Schmoyo. I send links of your work to all my friends. You take on homosexuals is disgusting, and I agree with it completely. I like you and cannot bring myself to watch "Schmoyo, as a sexually harassed man that is subordinate to a homosexual man".

    Like, dude. Why didn't you just leave? There might not have been a need for violence, but that doesn't mean you are a victim. anyways.


    I think the anti-Google message will resonate. Yet, we all make money from it, do we not? So then do we bite the hand that feeds you, or smite the hand that wields the lash?

    Me, personally, I kinda like Google. I think of them as professional bullet dodgers. Unfortunately, if one has a hyperactive terrier that lives for nothing but to catch frisbees, you haven't any choice.

    And, truth be told, wielding a computer-assisted, artificially intelligent, Borg-era Sniper's Rifle (with the compass in the stock...
    <crackle> "Report Niner Charlie. AC Repairman at roof, as expected. End Report, Niner Charlie."
    "charlie" has been replaced by a skinny half-mexican, half-asian looking kid. The fat guy's shirt is too big for him.
    <crackleBEEP> There is no AC Repairman on the schedule. This is Niner Alpha. What is the AC Repairman doing. Prepare to fire.
    skinny guy lifts metal top of AC unit. By doing this, he can no longer be seen by Niner Charlie.
    <crackle>"Niner Charlie. All units. Get me a bearing on that AC Repairman.
    5 other snipers start their search patterns. Two already had the AC Repairman sited.
    <crackle>"Niner Alpha has a shot. Bearing.....167 relative to your position. 167. 167. Niner Alpha Out"
    <crackle>"Niner Bravo has NO shot, repeat NO shot. There's an obstacle blocking my shot. Bearing 23 relative to your position. 23. 23.
    cut to Assistant Director, furious, leans over to the woman with the recorder and says, "delayed call by Niner Bravo by one second". That was HIS trainee. Stupid fucking drunk.
    <crackle> Niner Charlie...
    skinny AC Repairboy pulls a large bundle from inside the box, and stuffs it up under his shirt, until he gets a big, huge fat belly, what they call a "panzone" (which means big belly).
    earlier, the element of the use of a parachute was foreshadowed. It has distinctive colors with narrow, flying symbols in a style that cannot be mistaken for something else. Bright, pure white parachute with sky-blue birds on it, and a man in a sky blue jump suit is controlling it with ropes. The skinny boy pulls out a blue colored garment, and then the camera spends a bit too much time on the sky blue silhouettes of birds on a pure-white background.

    If they were paying attention then, then it means something now. <note the adjacent words "then" with two different meanings>.

    Also note it also applies here sometimes.

    So, the purpose of why I REALLY wanted to post, was to put the word Jenae in association with the word The Master and The Margherita. Jenae TSF cats Master and Margerita this is the one you are looking for, by the author in his own words with no interpretation or adulteration (we hope)...

    She says it's dangerous. So, since I love danger, I click to wikipedia "The Master and The Margherita" to take a gander.

    By some guy "". Never heard of him. Some russian. Probably a nobody. Like that guy, that wrote the "Gulag Archipelago". He was a nobody too. People that read his book were dumb-dumbs.

    People that read his book went it was first published became aware of certain things at an early age, and those ideas either expanded or died. Primary lesson was the unimaginable power of the state to control your mind and make you believe in a reality that does not exist.

    Alright, back. Just popped for the usual reason.
    Got caught in a profound bit of dialogue.

    "Are you askin' me, or are you TELLIN' me?"
    "Well, if it makes you feel better, you can tell them that I asked."

    Which actually, upon further reflection doesn't necessary only mean that the order was phrased as a request, it might also mean that the consequences of giving permission (vs. following orders) could be better or worse, good or bad, profitable or unprofitable, either way depending on how it went.

    okay, that's it. I'm stove up. Although I have an idea for a contest. Maybe another thread?

    Oh yeah, sorry. The title.

    So, I have to decide if I should inform the client in advance of something that might go wrong, and also let her know that I would have to charge her extra if the problem happens. The crux: My level of awareness is mixed. I said <something technical> to her, she repeated <what I said> to the other service provider, who I assume said something back to her, and so she then says <something technical that indicates they may not have prepared for the possibility of a problem.>

    She's dealing with Sales. They frequently don't know squat about technical details in the field. I've been on this train before, and "I hear the train a-comin', comin down the track, I hear the train a-coming; it ain't never goin' back...."

    So, what I want to do is send email, correcting her technical retranslation from exactly how I meant it to evidence of yet another step on the road to disaster. Nevermind. I just made up my mind. I'm emailing her about it, and leaving the money part out for now. That was my problem. Two competing thoughts, both wanting resolution, and they were unnecessarily intertwined. Separate. Evaluate priority. Select. Action.


    oops, forgot:
    I wanna pay someone to lip-read the guitar player and find out what he's saying to the other guy, while Johnny's trying to perform. He acts like he's doing Johnny a favor by him just being there. What's his name? (lol) Jonny is performing, goddamit. You'd think his own band would have respect for that, right?

    I just think it's important in life, to always remember who is doing who the favor. Hint: You are getting more than you are aware of, and probably giving more than you are getting. There's nothing wrong with wanting something more from life, and nothing wrong with expecting fair payment for services rendered or product delivered.
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    I had a hard time reading everything. Can I have the brief info?
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    men make it simple sort so we can give the post is too big.
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    Damn whats with all your posts! They're always as long as a schlong!
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    Bypassing IRA
    Cayman Islands
    Youre why I dont do drugs.
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    Umm let's put some music to that....

    It's Too Big...

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    Theatre of dreams :)
    will you ever STOP posting your shitty posts everywhere to just increase your post count?

    also whats with this men thing everytime?
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    IT security specialist
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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    I know the voices talk to you, and I know they have some pretty good ideas, but seriously, either you need to quit taking the drugs you take, change the ones you take to different ones, or start taking some if you don't already.

    Visiting Jamaica and partaking of their natural herbal wonders will do you a WORLD of good.
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    Location, Location.
    Nigel and I would get along swimmingly.
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    aahhh fuck this
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    my head hurts now! Thank you!
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    General know nothing
    The coin of truth was tossed with out reading your wall of text it said no