Is this allowed on YouTube?


Jun 10, 2020
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Original (Channel 1):
Possible Copycat (Channel 2):

The strategy here is simple. Channel 1 posts a video in English. A few hours later, Channel 2 posts basically the same video in Spanish, with a few cuts and edits, but it's basically a translation of the content of the original video.

I couldn't find anything on either channel to indicate any connection between them, they don't seem to belong to the same person.

Channel 2 is monetized it seems...It's a blatant copy, even the logo is the same, that's very strange.

Of course, this is something very old on YouTube, but can these channels be monetized or do they run the risk of being demonetized?
If the owner is the same or you're in a partnership with the owner, yes, it's OK to do it because even Mr. beast and other top YouTubers do this on the usual.

Now if you plan to copy someone else by simply translating their video to a different language without permission, there is a very high risk that they would copyright strike all your videos and your channels will be terminated right away, worse if they only mass copyright strike you after you've already grown the channel to a bigger one. So don't attempt cause it will very likely fail.
Really kinda depends.

If channel 2 is copying channel 1 w/o permission, the other channel could strike him. If your content is re-used it shows in your YTStudio, but a language change may be enough to thwart this with some different cuts.

There are of course other scenarios: channel 1 doesn't care, or it's the same person. Which is actually not a bad strategy if you're multilingual.
As mentioned above, if they are associated there is no problem.
Content maybe similar but I don't think it is of the same video. Checkout the text on the videos.
It seems like there's a partnership between both channels. It's probably the same owner.

Yes it is allowed as far as you have rights to upload.
It is possible that the two channels are untraceably linked to the same person.
same owner and same teams produce same content in different language , case closed
There is a High possibility that one owner is managing both channels or there is 2 owner working on a partnership. So everything should work fine! YouTube allows that
I couldn't find anything on either channel to indicate any connection between them, they don't seem to belong to the same person.
How did you not find the connection because this is obvious.

if it is a partnership no problem, is like two different people working to extend the audience and have a global reach not only English also in other languages, so yeah is ok, best example is mr.beast channels in different languages.
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