Is this a worthwhile plan/idea?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by WeWontBeAlone, Jun 17, 2016.

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    For many years I've been in a business for episode streaming of a specific television series.. I had a competitor for about 2 years but eventually he decided to close his website and we became friends. After speaking with him on skype last night I asked if he would sell me his domain and he told me it expires soon, I actually checked and it expires in less than 2 weeks. Would it be worth registering his domain and 301 redirecting to my website? Or what should I do if obtain his domain? Build a PBN with it? What's the smartest choice??

    Also, how can I check if his domain has been penalized ?

    edit: he also gave me his facebook which has 5,000+ likes. All I've done with it is switch the website to mine and posted a few pages from my website... what's the most I can get out of this?
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    Regiser the domain and add it to your GWT to check for any manual penalties, assuming its still indexed.

    What you do with it depends on the history. If it was ranking well, you could just recreate the site to get the traffic and also link to your other site (dont use same host account in this case) or can just 301 to your domain for extra link juice to push up your site.